tribe leader

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Welcome to
I wish they heard me guest Brazilian servers

Secondly we overwhelm alsbid tribe leader after our Arab bored

For this we members of the tribe leader password on game servers and their defiance in worlds speed

After members of the Russian challenge Server wekzna well-deserved decided to come to you

This picture from worlds Russian speed
If you decide to accept the challenge

We wish to be so properties

World speed 400
Speed of soldiers: 1
At the time of cancellation of orders traders: 30 seconds
At the time of cancellation of orders armies: 1 minute
Protection of almbtdein: 20 minutes
Protect the attacker points for guns: 20 for the first two hours since the accession
Berber villages and grow to effective 2392 points.
Levels of buildings when beginning: beginning full

The Commander of the cavalry effectively without weapons
Thrown by an effective stock
Mourning system: 10 levels

Number of members: 10
Cannot support outside the tribe
You cannot leave the tribe
The attack on members of the tribe converted to visits

Duration of round 6 hours

I adjust time 3: 00

think you
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