1v1 vs Djpaulinho

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I have been challenged on a sprinting 1v1 by a brasilian player. The round would happen at 02/08 from 01:30 to 04:30

Round settings
Starting level : n1 with HQ at level 1
Winning condition: First player to reach max village (12152 points, and round ends automatically when reached)
Resource production: x1.2 (value 36)
Speed: 400
Unit speed: 1
Moral : no
Paladin : activated
Tribe : no tribe
Archers : no
Barbarians / player : 50
Bonus / player : 0
Fake limit : 1%
Farm limit : -
Beginner protection : Lasts the entire round (180 minutes)
Barb_growth : 0.6
Coin price: normal
Loyalty / noble : 0
Conquer barbs - possible
Noble maximum travel distance - 1000 tiles
Academy system : Coins
Research system: normal
Distance between villages: reduced
Restart possible, can pick location.
Market offers ratio - 1:2
Attack gap : 50ms
Time to cancel an attack : 60 seconds
Achievements activated
(the other settings like premium things and stuff like that should be exactly the same as in duck round(deactivated xd)

Thank you!
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Ok, apparently he fell asleep :ROFLMAO: if possible we'd like to run the same round again tomorrow, 1:00-3:30 03/08, so unless i have learnt how to plan rounds until then i will probably need some help :ROFLMAO:
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