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Eventi Speed I round che ho giocato del torneo pasqua

duck that quacks

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I have recorded all of the rounds I've played of the tournament (besides the first one, i didn't think about doing this at that time :p).
You can watch them to see what we were thinking about and talking about while playing as a team, but especially it is good to see how i handle playing with multiple villages, as most of the videos I have are n1 starts (similar to Duck round settings).

The playlist can be found here.

Videos that i recommend watching
1, just explaining how the tournament works overall and its a fast vid
2, very nice 1v1 in competitive settings, good video to learn how to sprint / duel in low start rounds
4, if you want to see me handling multiple villages at a time as its not something you are able to often
6, if you want to hear me complain about the settings for the entirety of the round :ROFLMAO:
the extra video if you think it is possible to have fun playing this game :ROFLMAO:

And thats all! The other videos aren't terrible either, there is surely lots to learn from all of them and if you find watching speeds entertaining, you should give it a try.
All of the feedback or comments/questions you might want to give me can be given in this topic (or in my discord since im always there xD)
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