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Feedback sugli attuali speed round

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Chiedo scusa in anticipo per non aver scritto in italiano. Mi piacerebbe saperlo l'italiano dato che é obbligatorio nel forum ma penso che le persone a cui sto scrivendo questo capirebbero meglio il mio inglese che il mio Italiano tradotto male (da google)

In this topic I will give my opinion on the current rounds, mostly the aspects that are, in my opinion, bad, while suggesting changes and explaining why.

Nobili Perfetti - Barbs & MAX
This round makes absolutely no sense. When @Delculo Is Back suggested these settings the idea was for them to be like the RUSH round.
Problems with the round :
- Tribes of 5
Makes no sense, for this or any other round, to have this high amount of players per tribe. The current round, which is this one, has 20 players and 2 full tribes and everyone without a tribe is dead. Such a low amount of players per tribe makes it so competition is very scarce and makes the round not last the 3 hours it is made for. I would suggest that in all rounds the maximum amount of players per tribe is 3-4 at maximum, there are simply not enough players joining for the tribes to be bigger than that.
- Conquering with 1 noble
In a start with full village (12.130 points) round, it makes absolutely no sense for the noble to take 100 loyalty if the amount of barbarian villages is as low as they are in this round. That and the fact that you cannot conquer barbarians makes the fights highly luck based : you can farm barbarians, sure, that makes up for some skill difference, but overall every player is able to get to a noble at least and build a good amount of army without even having to farm at all. For a round like this one there is simply no skilled way to outplay the big tribes, for example, you are left 1v5 against people who in total have 5 times your troops, no matter if they farmed or not.
Conquering barbs would make it so there is a possible outplay against tribes - you can conquer barbs and make your troop production better and more effective than your opponents'. I would not mind it being conquer with 1 noble if we could conquer barbarians, for example if i am fighting someone 1v1 and we both lose our armies a random player can just send us both a noble and gets two free villages. That does not take any skill, however, if we're able to conquer barbarians then it becomes better, since you would be able to make troops in multiple villages fast.
A small problem but not as big as the ones above, in the description of the round it says reduced distance between villages, but the distance between villages is still quite considerable, which also makes the round a bit worse.
This round could also work if the start level was changed to livello 8, for example, where the players still have to build up the village a bit so it takes more skill. Would also be necessary to make it so the noble takes 20-35 loyalty or exactly 25 per noble, which makes things more certain and therefore more competitive and less luck based.

I like the idea of this round, however there are a few problems
In the round description it says livello 4, but the round starts at n4 with mines at level 40 and warehouse and farm also at 40.
- Tribes of 10
For the same reason as in the round above, it makes absolutely no sense for tribes to be of 5, even less for them to be of 10. Literally everyone playing in that round yesterday was in the same tribe. I would suggest making it a 2 member / tribe round.


When i played this round once i had a good amount of fun, its a very good round. However, in the past round you were not able to conquer villages at all, which makes this a cata round (makes no sense, since if you get catapulted you can't rebuild and you start at the maximum points you could ever get in that round.
In the time I played the round, @CC510 fixed it so you could conquer villages, but the model was apparently not changed, so you still can't conquer. Please change that.
I would also change from 3 members tribe to 2, not that big of a deal not as important as in the past two rounds, but it still has some impact seen as the round is so fast, I think competition would improve.

Due Fratelli
Even in the past the winning condition of this round was top1 points. I believe it would be more fun if a farm limit were to be added, for example 50 farm limit, and the winning condition was to be first as attacking opponents defeated.

Cata Round

This round is, overall, just so boring. There are few barbarians and normally not many players join the rounds, which makes it so you can't really properly grow or fight. A lot of players also simply make deff and call it a day, and as an offensive player you cannot play against that because 1 - there are too many players doing that and you can most likely only clear 1, if you can at all, and 2 - walls start at level 15, it is much easier to play defense than offensive here.
I would remove this round from existance.
If you really want to keep it, i would
- Change the number of members per tribe from 5 to 1
- Add more barbarians / player (2->4, 5)
- Honestly, just change it into a bash round. It would be much more fun than just randomly smashing your offensive troops into some deff. I would add a farm limit of 100 and rename it to bash round v1 (in the rounds I will suggest there will be more bash rounds, if you like their settings you can call them bash round v2, v3, etc.

Prova il tuo start!

This round is just so fun, so short and competitive, it is really good. But there is a problem
- The amount of barbarian villages is too high. It should be 8 per player, in total (5 barb, 3 bonus). The model is simply the 3v3 tournament model, but that one had to have more barbarians / player because only 6 players in total join the round, and all of them farm a lot, however in public rounds not everyone farms so making it more barbarians just gives too much of an advantage to the ones who farm.
- Tribes of 3 would be changed to tribes of 1. Just a purely chaotic FFA round, 1 hour.

3VS3 Tactical

As in the previous round, the amount of barbarian villages is too high. It should be 8 per player, in total (5 barb, 3 bonus) (i've explained why in the one above).


No, just no.
This round is probably the worst round on this server, simply because of lag.
With lag, you can't send a noble train properly. You also can't snipe properly, you can't backtime an attack, it just removes skilled mechanics from the round, and speeds are supposed to be that : something fun where you can become better and better if you practise more.
This round (and the lag feature at all) just removes all of the skill in the game and makes everything purely luck based. It makes absolutely no sense to use this feature at all, atleast in speeds. Please just remove this round and never add anything with lag again.

#3799 12h Ininterrotte

I don't know if this round is supposed to be a permanent model or if it is a one time thing, but it makes absolutely no sense.
12h rounds are just bad in general, they've never really worked for this server. Anything above 3-4 hours is, in my opinion, a bad round if it has settings like these. I am a bigger fan of faster rounds that don't last as much because most of the times longer rounds are won in a really small portion of the time they last, however, as you'll see when I post my round models, I also suggest some rounds that last longer because I know that there are people who enjoy them.
In this particular round, speed is too high and it starts with full village. The round would be won in 2 hours, especially with the 5 members per tribe limit. Instead of this round I would add 2-3 rounds that would overall be more enjoyable, if someone starts playing this round late they stand no chance.

Simulazione Torneo Internazionale

The round is cool, I love the settings, but as for in the 3v3 tournament round some adaptations need to be made in order to make this round a public round and not a round made for players who are in a tournament, as not all random players are as skilled as competitive players.
The round currently has 12 barbarian villages in total, 9 barb 3 bonus, I would change that number to 4 barbarians 2 bonus.
The number of members per tribe is ridiculous at 8. Maximum 3, I would suggest it being 2.

Super Super Cata Round

This round has never been made before but I already see some problems on it
- Tribes of 5
Its a cata round, that makes absolutely no sense. Should be tribes of maximum 2, i would suggest making it a solo 1 member round.
It is a n1 start, so that is very good, it allows to skill gap between players, but it could also make that gap too big. I would make the production x2 and make it instead only 5 barbarians in total per player (4 barbs, 1 bonus) so that everyone can have a chance.
The fake limit has to be higher than 0. It would make it so players can just randomly spam fakes, which for some rounds is ok, but in an n1 start that should not happen, because while in other rounds you don't have to worry as much about farming / upgrading your village, in an n1 start it is different.
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#3800 24h Flash

Surprisingly, I actually like this round. You need to find the balance between farming barbarians and farming players, as you can't only focus on farming barbarians.
However, I feel like the settings like this might lead to it being a slower round.
- I would increase the resource production, just a little bit, make it x1.2 instead of 1, a small change but it should have a relevant difference, even if just by giving players who don't farm at all a better chance.
- Making this round a 24h round is also a big mistake, it will be won in 4-5 hours. I would reduce this round to 5-6 hours instead of having the server be stuck on this round for 24 hours - new players have no chance of starting and eventually the top players will also have conquered all of the barbarians, which gives the new players literally 0 chance. This is not a long round, this is a fun round but for "short" duration, still longer than the other rounds.
- I also do not mind the fact that it is 5 members per tribe. If a lot of people join the round it is fun to try to find a way to outplay other tribes with your own
However, I am not quite sure about there being a lot of people to join the round now, so I would change the members per tribe to 4.

Blood and Bone + Last Man Standing

I don't remember these rounds starting at livello 9, are you sure the description is correct? I think this round started with like 8900 points and not 7900, please add a different livello for that or just a way to let people know that is the start of the round, if it is. (if the suggestion below of creating a topic for each model in the forum is taken, then that information can be added there). Also, for Blood and Bone, I would change the number of members per tribe to 2, instead of 4. For Last Man Standing 4 makes sense.


- Too many players per tribe. I would change from 5->2.
- I don't like 10 level research in such a high start round. People will be basically obliged to buy account manager if they want to compete with those who do, since they also have to worry about researches. I would make it normal research.


This round is named "BASH", however the winning condition is "the player with most villages win" and you can conquer villages.
Normally, being able to conquer villages in a bash round is ok, but the winning condition would normally be related to opponents defeated, since the name is bash, so I find it quite weird that the win condition is what it is.

Maximum Distance

Is the round really a livello 5? I remember it starting with a maxed village last time I played those settings.
If it is a livello 5, it makes no sense it being maximum distance as you need to farm to grow your village.
It is also very confusing - the name of the round is maximum distance however, in the description, it says "Spazio tra i villaggi: ridotto" which contradicts it.
Whichever is the case, I don't think this round should exist, especially in a tournament round. It is really weird, and not competitive at all due to the maximum distance (if the settings are still the ones from the old model).

Nobili Scontati

I love the setting of packet academy with constant packs, however I don't think it fits with the settings of this round. I think this round should be removed.
- 10 level research is bad for the reason i've explained on one of the rounds above
- Too few barbarians per player, and players can't make a noble train instantly due to how packet academy works. They would want to conquer barbarians to be able to send a train instead, but the barbarians don't have that many points and there are too few of them.
- Too many members per tribe.
I will suggest some good models where packet academy makes more sense, this round feels like it was just a random settings fest and they don't actually make any sense when put together.


This round is very similar to one of the models I am going to suggest, the idea of it probably came from the same place, however some settings do not make sense.
- In the original model, it is packet academy with constant prices. This makes the fight for map domination even more intense and fun.
- 3 level research makes no sense. In this round, there are just too many things for the players to keep track of, adding in a 3 level research just makes it even harder and you basically have to buy account manager or you can't play.
- I think that in the place where you got the round settings from the number of players per tribe is also 5, but I don't agree with that. In my opinion, it should be a duo round (maximum 2 members / tribe)

Super Cata

I remember this round starting with 2 villages. If it still starts with 2 villages, I would switch it to starting with only 1 and that + making the limit of members per tribe smaller (make it 2) would make the round way better, in my opinion.

Guerra tra vicini

- Reduce amount of players / tribe to 2-3 i would keep it 3, I just think 5 is too much.

#3712 2 Fratelli

I don't know if this round is supposed to be the same as Due Fratelli, I assume so, but the start level is different (it says 4.5) and there is no mentioning of a 4.5 start level anywhere. Please check this. Also, if this is a tournament round, in that same day for the same fascia there are two due fratelli rounds, which is kind of bad since players who want to win that fascia will play all those rounds and will play the same thing twice.

Tre Moschettieri

This round feels exactly the same as Attaco Barbaro, can't conquer barbs, same start level, I don't know why it is as it is now, before it was a n0 round i think you should just put it an n0 again and make it upgrade the barbarians, because in the old model it didn't.

Play for Farm

It incorrectly mentions in the description that the round is lvl 3 start, while the start level is not a standard one.

Last Man Standing

Pls remove

Rapporto max. attacco (attaccante : difensore)10:1 per i primi 60 minuti
This shouldn't exist in any round.
Remove moral as well.

Overall, I believe this round is really bad.
Some adjustments have to be made - I would change the initial protection to 5 minutes and i would make it 4 barbarians per player instead of the 10, and reduce distance between villages.
This round ends up just being "the tribe with most members wins" and that's not really competitive

Play for Farm

remove ratio protection just like in the round above for the same reason, too short of a round for that

pls remove moral and this

Rapporto max. attacco (attaccante : difensore)10:1 per i primi 60 minuti

Rounds that i like and think their settings are great as they are:

Play for farm (my favorite round on this server of all time)
Community Speed (even though it is 5 members per tribe, it is a conquer with 4 round and the production is x2, so it is very fun to have fights between tribes)
Attaco Barbaro
Insane (if the problem with conquering is solved)
3vs3 Tactical (if the small change up there is applied)
Speed Machine

Guerra tra vicini

Please make it so you can't support barbarians.... It is so bad, make support for tribe only.

For the tournament itself

If it is possible, I would make Prova Il Tuo Start a reoccurring round. It is a very fast round (1h) and it is highly skill based.
I also do not agree with rounds giving more than 1 point to a person. If anything, make the rounds a point system in which for example first player gets 5 points, second gets 3 and third gets 1. I don't agree with rounds like 3vs3 tactical giving points to all tribe members, there is always a player who contributes more than the others - that winning condition makes sense, but as the prize for the tournament itself is not a tribe prize but instead a solo prize, it should always be first of something to get the round point, in my opinion.
It also makes rounds like "plus" or "3vs3 tactical" much more valuable, and for example, in this "plus" round (#3678) there are 10 members per tribe, do you really think all of them would deserve a winning point? I mean, as I've suggested above, that round should definitely not have 10 members per tribe at all, but assuming those settings are kept, does the last player on the tribe who might've just joined the round and stayed afk and joined top tribe because they wanted a point deserve the point as much as the player who was there fighting players for the whole round? I don't think so. That doesn't apply only for that round, there are a lot of rounds with that system.
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Overall problems (not round based problems)

- There are no prizes on the rounds, currently. This is a big problem, as prizes incentive a lot of players to join the rounds and therefore make the rounds more competitive.
- Most of the rounds have no winning condition, this can make the players confused as to what their objective is. I suggest you to add a winning condition to all rounds, the obvious one, for example in Insane tribe / player with most points win, same thing for Plus, etc. The rounds of the tournament have them, I dont get why the others dont.
- The limit of players / round is too small. I would atleast put it at 50, I feel like 30 is a bit too few players especially for rounds like in the christmas tournament tournament.
- If the intention of the server is for the rounds to be based on models and not settings always changing, I would also recommend opening a new forum sub category where all the round settings are put, like they appear in the round descriptions. Then, in the description of the round, there would be a link redirecting to the forum topic with the corresponding speed model, and then some settings that are less important could be hidden from the description, for example the archers, church, watchtower, distance that nobleman can travel, speed at which barbarians grow, tribe blocks and support restrictions, etc, things that are not as important as for example the number of barbarians per player, all of those would be in the forum topic and the round descriptions would be the most relevant information.
- Please remove moral / ratio protection from all of the round models that have it. These are speed rounds, not worlds, it makes no sense that they'd have these extra protections. In longer rounds those would maybe make sense, and I will suggest some rounds with that but the current models are made for shorter rounds and makes no sense that they'd have these protections.
- All the speed rounds should have achievements on so players can compare their farm and see how they're doing. Please activate them :)
- In the round descriptions, when it says livello 0 or 1 or whatever it may be, players may not know exactly what that means. I would suggest that the level would have an hyperlink redirecting to this topic, so then players can know what they're going to play.
- There are some rounds that are livello 1.5 or 3.5, those things are mentioned in this topic, but the topic looks overall worse than the more recent one, those things should be moved to the new topic.
- Also, please add a new sub category in the speeds forum for suggestions, then I can open a topic for each of my models and then people can discuss what they like or don't about the round and then things can be changed.

Grazie per la attenzione!
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Propongo un nuovo tipo di speed:
Vince chi prende più barbari e invita il maggior numero di player nemici in tribu <3:trolltw:

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Just thought I'd add this print of the current round to prove my point when i mention that number of members / tribe should be reduced


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@duck that quacks grazie per il feedback, lo apprezziamo molto.
Abbiamo iniziato ad apportare qualche modifica (in particolare l'abbassamento del limite tribù in alcuni Round e la possibilità di utilizzo dei Nobili in INSANE).
Nei prossimi giorni daremo una revisione più approfondita.

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After making this topic a few years ago about some changes back then and it being completely ignored, I must say it feels really good to be heard. Thank you @CC510 :cool:

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The problem is not only that, it simply does not make sense for everyone in a big tribe to get a tournament point - I believe the tournament should be solo as the prizing is also for solo players and not tribes, so it doesn't make much sense to me atleast that tribes get points or even exist at all.


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The problem is not only that, it simply does not make sense for everyone in a big tribe to get a tournament point - I believe the tournament should be solo as the prizing is also for solo players and not tribes, so it doesn't make much sense to me atleast that tribes get points or even exist at all.
Quei Round servono a stimolare la partecipazione nel Round e la cooperazione tra i giocatori.
Per il momento desideriamo lasciare questa possibilità: dopo il Torneo valuteremo il reale impatto sui risultati.
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