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  1. Private round on 06.28 Tuesday 21:00 start

    Hey, i wanna plan a private round for Tuesday 21:00 on duck setting but with 16barb no bonus and HQ lvl1 start It will be a MIX, so if we can get more people, it will be better, but in the worst case we just play a 2vs2 I can write about fix numbers before round. Remero, Boolek play for sure...
  2. 2vs2 Boolek,Kisbohoc vs defferfreak+his friend..

    I have agreed to play a 2vs2 from 20:30 Tuesday(06.21) with DUCK settings but 15 barb no bonus. I spoke with them at DC, but im going to send them the link for this forum
  3. Team Bplug vs Team Solo

    22 okey
  4. Team Bplug vs Team Solo

    Would be better 21 00, but i should ask them about 22 00
  5. Team Bplug vs Team Solo

  6. Eventi Speed Il Palio della Repubblica - Singolar Tenzone

    Good idea, let's give it a shot.. ;):wtf:
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