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  1. Eventi Speed Torneo SPEED di Natale

  2. Eventi Speed Torneo SPEED di Natale

  3. [Round Nobili ad alto sforzo] Domande & Commenti

    There were incorrect settings with my friends' group
  4. [Round Mini Classic (russian style)] Domande & Commenti

    osizione Nome Tribù Punti Villaggi Punti per villaggio 1 Bumblebee xxxx...
  5. [Round Mini Classic (russian style)] Domande & Commenti

    My opinion Not a good round for Sunday, sorry
  6. Eventi Speed Special Weekend!

    jojooooo planning rounds and then nobody is there, not a good job ok start will probably come later
  7. [Round Chaos] Domande & Commenti

    no problem bye bye it:( :(
  8. [Round Chaos] Domande & Commenti

    why aren't there any rounds i asked and we have to wait that long not round my wish oh god then I have to go back to Russia
  9. [Round Chaos] Domande & Commenti

    ok pls 18 bis 19 uhr 19 bis 20 20 bis 21 21 bis 22uhr 22uhr bis 23 uhr cChaos.........rounds
  10. [Round Chaos] Domande & Commenti

    i want to play with my partner 2 man maximum please ok thank you thank you
  11. [Round Chaos] Domande & Commenti

    Numero massimo membri tribù: 2 bi4 pls
  12. Discussioni candidature Best Speeder

  13. Round

    Establishing a trunk is also not possible ALTHOUGH 2 members in the description is error error
  14. Round

    no restart grrrrrr ok chill Round
  15. Round

    Die falschen Einstellungen are currenty running
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